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RD51 Collaboration Meetings:

3rd RD51 Collaboration Meeting, Crete, June 16-17 2009

2nd RD51 Collaboration Meeting, Paris, October 13-15 2008

RD-51 Workshop, Nikhef, April 16-18 2008 

Micro Pattern Gas Detectors. Towards an R&D Collaboration, CERN, September 10-11 2007  Workshop program

RD51 Working Group meetings:

RD51 Week (27-29 April 2009)

GEM & Micromegas detector design & assembly training: Lecture Session (16 February 2009)

WG1-Task 1 meeting: large area MPGDs (21 January 2009)

WG2 meeting (10 December 2008)

Micro Pattern Gas Detectors Workshops:

MPGD2009 1st International Conference on Micropattern Gaseous Detectors (Crete, 12-15 June 2009)

IEEE Special Focus Workshop (Honolulu, 28 October 2007)  Workshop program

Micro-pattern Gas Detectors: Status and Perspectives (CERN, 20 January 2006)

International Workshop on Micro-pattern Gas Detectors (Orsay, 28-30 June 1999)

Instrumentation Conferences/Workshops:

11th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors (Elba, 24-30 May 2009)

TIPP09 - Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics (Tsukuba, 12-17 March 2009)

2008 Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (Dresden, 19-25 October 2008)

8th International Position Sensitive Detectors Conference, PSD8 (Glasgow, 1-5 September 2008)

9th International Conference on Applications of Nuclear Techniques (Crete, 8-14 June 2008)

Symposium on Radiation Measurements and Applications (Berkeley, 2-5 June 2008)

10th International Conference on Instrumentation for Colliding Beam Physics (Novosibirsk, February 28 - March 5, 2008)

6th International Workshop on Ring Imaging Cherenkov Counters RICH2007 (Trieste, 15-20 October 2007)

11th Vienna Conference on Instrumentation - VCI 2007 (Vienna,19-24 February 2007)

Third Symposium on Large TPCs for Low Energy Rare Event Detection (Paris, 11-12 December 2006)

Workshop on Tracking in High Multiplicity Environments TIME05 (Zurich, 3-7 October 2006)

Aging Phenomena in Gaseous Detectors (DESY, 2-5 October 2001)

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